Friday, September 16, 2016

Pampered Maharajas Of Siem Reap!

After days of savouring Vietnamese and Khmer cuisine, we were craving for some hot and spicy authentic desi Indian khaana!
And thus began a frantic Google search for good Indian restaurants around and we came across a link to Maharaja - a reputed place not too far from our resort. 
A short 2 kilometre walk brought us to Maharaja, which turned out to be another placed owned by a Pakistani Punjabi selling his product, marketed as Indian - soft power? Whatever, we just wanted, we just craved for an authentic North Indian meal and we hoped we weren't going to be disappointed...

Garlic tadka daal...

...with baingan bhartha!

And we shrieked with joy as broke each piece of the tandoori rotis we had ordered, dipping each morsel into the piping hot, mildly spiced bhartha alongside spoonfuls of daal! And we were overjoyed to have a vegetarian meal for a change! Call that dining like pampered Maharajas, Maharajas of Siem Reap for this evening!

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