Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Soaking In The Grindelwald Feeling

Coming down from First, we were incredibly thirsty and hungry. Europe, this summer, is seething under a massive heatwave, presumably, due to winds blowing in from the Sahara Desert and North Africa. In fact, Geneva had touched a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius yesterday. Now that is really quite unexpected of Switzerland.

We walked down Dorfstrasse towards the railway station looking for a restaurant that had the food we would fancy. We finally found a delicatessen, Backerei-Konditorei-Cafe Ringgenberg, where Neeti ordered some pasta and true to my nature, I ordered a traditional Swiss concoction, vol-au-vent, a hollow puff-pastry. My vol-au-vent was served with with diced pork in a cheesy gravy alongwith French fries!

With our energies drained out by the incredible we could not help but rush back to the hotel to have a short siesta. And the siesta that was to last 30 minutes lasted over 3 hours! When we woke up, it was well past 5PM.

The urge to be outdoors was overwhelming. We freshened up and rushed down Dorfstrasse to the Migros supermarket. We picked up some fruit, packed salads and sandwiches for an early dinner.
The next two hours were spent in absolute tranquility. We found an excellent place to sit, overlooking the Eiger mountain face, and needless to say we enjoy an early dinner in the cool mountain breeze! What a priceless pleasure of life!

And then we had push ourselves to head back to the hotel and pack up to leave for Lucerne, early tomorrow morning!
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