Thursday, July 23, 2015

The French Can Be Funny...

Back from my trip around Paris - the Jewish Museum, the crypts at Notre-Dame, a walk around Île de la Cité and a bus ride around Paris, I headed to Gare de Lyon to catch a train back to Fontainebleau.
And then I got a nature's call. Firstly, the signages were all in French and it took me a while to locate the loos - there were none in the main departure hall, none along the Paris Metro platforms. And God, I was desperate.
A helpful soul at the inquiry counter was my Good Samaritan. He guided me to end of Hall 2, where the restrooms were located.

Usage of the restroom was charged at Euro 0.80, which is understandable - that ensure quality and hygiene. But I was amazed and amused to see a sign that said if two people use the loo together, the charge would be Euro 0.70.
An interesting discount offer!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That is what make the french people different! :D Wish to visit some day. Nice post though!

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