Sunday, May 19, 2013

Back to Nanjing Road

By the time we reached Nanjing Road from Tianzifang, it was way past lunchtime and we were famished. In search of food, we got into a mall and checked out the eateries.

"Urinate meat balls", "Urinate fish balls" - arghhh, we couldn't have eaten here....

We settled for Burger King....

I settled for a big fat, meaty burger with crispy bacon...
It was so yummy, with umami flavours oozing out of each bite!
I know I will remember this burger for the rest of my life!

From Burger King, we walked into the Apple store - a trademark glass Apple store, one of the biggest in the region...
The store was teeming with people, crazed Apple fanatics, like us....

Giordano says "I  SH", I say that too!

Buildings at Nanjing Road decked up for a great evening ahead!

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