Thursday, May 16, 2013

Plane Spotting At PEK

As we were waiting to depart for Zhangjiajie, in Hunan province, Terminal 2 of Beijing Capital International Airport gave me some excellent plane spotting opportunities.

A China Southern A320 and behind that a China Southern A380

In comes a China Southern A320 and behind that is a Shanghai Airlines A320.
Airbus is big here in China. Boeings are rare and few...
That's probably because Airbus has a manufacturing base in Tianjin!

A China Southern A330 in the SkyTeam livery!

A Shanghai Airlines Boeing 767

A Xiamen Airlines Boeing 737 just arrived...

Pushing back.... There's a Hainan Airlines A330 parked in the distance...

Another Xiamen Airlines Boeing 737

That's clearer view of the China Southern A380!
The heavies here - A330s, Boring 767s and the A380 all were on domestic service
Imagine putting A380s in service between Delhi and Mumbai - capacity on the route will be up, fares will dive southward and the economy benefits!
We just don't have that vision!

An Orient Thai Boeing 747-400 in the background...

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