Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Into Chek Lap Kok (赤鱲角), Onboard CX365

After saying Zaijian Zhongguo (再見中国) - Goodbye China, we boarded our flight, CX 365, on Cathay Pacific's Airbus A330, headed from Pudong Airport in Shanghai to Hong Kong.
Take off was delayed massively. We were on board, at our parking bay for nearly 40 minutes before we pushed back. I am told that Shanghai is notorious for flight delays. We were at the receiving end the second time, the first being when we flew into Pudong from Zhangjiajie with a delay of over an hour.
The delay did not perturb me at all, as I was happily plane spotting and clicking away to glory!
Finally, when we did take off, 15 minutes into the flight, the meal service began. Neeti had pre-ordered a Hindu Vegetarian Meal (HVML), which was kind of interesting...

Her meal tray had a fruit bowl - dragon fruit, papaya and watermelon, a wholewheat kulcha and orange juice....

There was cauliflower tikki and a cauliflower samosa!
Ha ha! The flight kitchen would have got a bulk discount on cauliflowers, it seems!
Nonetheless, Neeti was quite satisfied with her meal. 
I stuck to eggs and sausage, not something "exotic" like a vegetarian cauliflower buffet!

The view outside, of the South China Sea, was amazing!

We got into a major turbulence halfway into the flight. There was a buildup of a massive pressure over the South China Sea, which brought with it stormy weather...
The flight became bumpy and at a point we headed straight into an airpocket and went into a freefall for a few seconds.
There was a Taiwanese family group behind us with as many as 8-9 cute little kids. These little kids enjoyed the turbulence. They shrieked at each toss and turn we encountered in the storm as though they were on a joyride in an amusement park...

Finally the descent into Hong Kong began and we started to see ships and ferries in the sea below us...

Final approach!

Passing over the hills on our final approach!

Touchdown at Chek Lap Kok island, better known as Hong Kong International Airport!

Taxiing to our gate!
I am keenly looking forward to next few hours here!

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