Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Plane Spotting at HKG ... Part 1

My plane spotting at Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong, started the moment we landed. Nothing excites me more than planes, a huge number of colourful liveries from all over the world!

The bright red-yellow tail of this HongKong Airlines Airbus A330 freighter looked awesome on a dull day!

Two Jet Airways Airbus A330s - they would have come in earlier today from my twin hometowns - Delhi and Mumbai!

Behind our pretty birds from home are Air New Zealand's Boeing 777 and Cathay Pacific's Boeing Boeing 747-400

A Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 readies for departure!

Cathay Pacific's gentle beast - the Boeing 747-400. The jumbo always looks so sexy!

Air Canada's classic red-maple leaf tail on her Boeing 777

EVA Air's Boeing 777 taxiing on her departure to Taiwan!

Oh my f...king goodness, the Thai Airbus A380 is massive!

Malaysia Airlines' Airbus A380 pushed back and ready to head to Kuala Lumpur!

That's a Philippine Airlines Airbus A340 - I love her rising sun tail! 

The Thai fat sausage pushed back and ready to head to Bangkok Suwarnabhumi!

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