Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Plane Spotting at HKG ... Part 2

Plane spotting Hong Kong's Chek Lap Kok airport is almost like a magical experience, an experience that is bound to thrill. Our transit time of 4+ hours was well utilised, while Neeti indulged in retail therapy, limited to window shopping, with the sole exception of chocolates that we bought for our colleagues, I was glued to my camera. 
Neeti was pretty upset that I outsourced the chocolate buying task at Aji Ichibaan to her. Who cares when there are these sexy beauties around! Ohhh, I am not talking of the 36-24-36 beauties. I am talking of the 747s, the 777s, the A330s, the A340s, the A380s, etc.! 

The boarding is on for the Malaysian A380!

The Cathay A330 seems to be smiling at me!

EVA Air from Taiwan and ANA from Japan in the background....
Sad, we don't see the green bird from Taiwan anymore in India...

The Vietnam Airlines A320 gets ready to depart, while the South African A340 rests before her long haul departure for JNB

All set to depart to Hanoi!

One World!

Massive activity at Chek Lap Kok! Who would have imagined that a sleepy fishing village will get transformed like this!

Cathay and Dragonair are big here at HKG!

An El Al Boeing 777 taxiing towards the runway, on her departure to Tel Aviv, while an Air Nuigini rests before her departure to Port Moresby! Seeing the exotic Air Nuigini bird here was indeed thrilling!

Lufthansa Boeing 747 boarding for Frankfurt!

KLM's Boeing 747, a bird we don't see in BOM any more!

Dragonair's A330!

Goodbye HKG!

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