Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pork Paradise At Nanjing Road

If any place is pork paradise, it is here in China. That's what I discovered on Nanjing Road. While roaming around on Nanjing Road, Neeti was drawn like a magnet to trinkets and knick-knacks being sold, I was drawn to the massive food mall right here on Nanjing Road...
The food mall was something like 5 floors of food and drink....but I hit the pork section straight away!!!

This explained it all .... The Chinese love pork and pigs so much that ham in the shape of a pig's head was prominently on display and was drawing hordes of kids....
The love of pork begins at an early tender age here!

Cured ribs and shoulder cuts!!!

The sight of spicy sausages was enough to make me drool!

And there was lots, lots, lots more....
Neeti had to drag me out of here!

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